Wednesday, June 11, 2008


What's wrong with this otherwise cute Forever 21 blouse?

Hint: I bought and wore it numerous times last year but didn't notice until recently. I'm sure I gave people some good laughs. *Smh* Don't let this happen to you while shopping or sewing.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Urban Jungle...The Reveal

The due date was eons ago and I only finished 3 of the required 4 pieces...nonetheless I finished my Safari Chic Mini-Wardrobe Collection!!! I call it Urban Jungle (Cue Coming to America theme music, lol)

The waistcoat is a BWOF 107-04-2008 cut in a size 38. I opted not to go with the belt (again short torso-not flattering) and made it about 3/4" inch shorter at the hem. The skirt is officially my first TNT pattern, BWOF 116-09-2007. I used a black satin wool from Metro Textiles. The fabric is absolutely amazing, wrinkle resistant, lustrous just wonderful.

Back View.

Close up. I must say that the buttons for the waistcoat were taken from an old H&M pea coat I recently threw away. My mom always ripped the buttons off old clothes before trashing them (unless there were to be donated) and saved them for later projects. I'm glad I picked up that habit because they were a perfect match.

Vouge 8379 is officially my second TNT pattern.

Close Up. The fabric is from my Textile Studio haul. Neat no? I thought the black belt was a nice touch to break up the pattern. I adore this wrap dress. If you don't have it or have it and haven't sewn it, get to it!! You won't regret it!

The interwoven Onyx/Brass chevron bangle is from H&M. I finally tracked James down and got the shoes I ordered from Bakers. I LOVE them, and surprisingly comfortable from 4.25"!

This was definitely fun! It inspired me to do a SWAP one day. In the meantime, I will now return to my regularly scheduled sewing :-)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I'm gonna SET OFF in 5..4....3...

One thing you should know about me....nothing comes between me and pair of shoes I want. The good Lawd knows if a pair of shoes becomes the object of my affection its a WRAP! Done deal! They are mine, its just a matter of how much and when. Now, I am a reasonable women, and I do appreciate that shoe love affairs may be fleeting as the seasons and finances are limited. Therefore, if I can't have the real thing I stalk every internet site and local shoe store until I find a knock-off the satisfies my shoe hunger before it blows up and sends my next paycheck down the tubes (Thank you Honnie, Donna, and Kaiesha for preventing that from happening).

Past affections include these spring 2006 Country Pump from Dior. So yummy (enter Homer Simpson drool here). I never bucked the $700, but Auturo Chiang had an awesome renditions for $40 that made me happy. I have also fallen for many a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps (before the mainstream caught red soles are so overdone).

You can only assume at the my latest obession comes from none other than the Sex and The City movie. Dior's Exterme Gladitor Platforms are TOO DIE FOR!!! I blushed everytime they came on screen (I damn near had a coronary when they opened the doors to her closet).

Dior $770

Baker Shoes $69.95

I ordered these puppies as soon as I saw them and had every intention to debut them with my freshly sewn FO's today however Fedex had VERY different intentions. Some BRANIAC delivery person sent my shoes to the WRONG HOUSE. Differenet building #, Different Street name and the only thing they got right is the damn Apt number!! I swear this person must be studing for the Bar because only a pure GENIUS can fumble a order that bad. PLUS my name is CINDY...very girly and I can almost be sure that the 70 something year old man who got my shoes doesn't quiet "look" like a Cindy. So I'm at my desk yesturday and I get a mid morning call from an unknown number on my cell phone. This being very odd, since everyone knowns not to call me during work hours, I picked up. The conversation I wish NO one ever has to experience went as follows:

Cindy: Hello?
James: Uh..Hi...
Cindy: Hi?...
James: What's in the box?
Cindy: What do you mean whats in the box? Who is this?
James: I have a box here, I wanted to know what it is.
Cindy: (Puts 2 & 2 together) Oh damn, they delivered my box to the wrong address. Please don't open the box I'll come by to pick it up. Where are you, what's your name?......

I couldn't go home because I had S-Factor right after work and its Pole Week (I take Pole week very seriously) so I called him back and ask him if it was OK if I came tomorrow and he said yes. Its "tomorrow"and its 4:30pm - I have been calling all day...I CAN'T find James! My day has gone to waste trying to get this man on the phone so I can get my shoes :-(

My takeways on from this experience: avoid using FedEx as your carrier. This is not my first bad experience with them and I NEVER have a problem with UPS. Always leave your phone number on the shipping information. Its usually optional but in the event this was to happen to you at least you can be located via phone.

Wish me luck ya'll. If you don't see a picture of my 6.5's in those pumps before sun down, just know I done went off on some customer service agent at FedEx :-(