Saturday, September 22, 2007

My DIY Bedroom

When I moved in my cozy (euphemism for small, lol) Manhattan apartment I really wanted it to feel like home and not a closet. For my bedroom I made a "thinking corner" that is directly across from my bed to give the illusion that my room was more that just a place I lay my head. Here is what I made:
* Upholstered a $5 dinner table chair I got off craigslist.
* Made a matching skirt for the night stand.
* Made a drape for my book stand that covers the mess of books, jewelry and lotions behind it.
* Re-covered my lamp with imported hand-made paper I bought at Nepa Bhon in the Village. I has bits of flowers and twigs that are visible when you turn the lamp on.
* Painted cardboard frames I bought from Pearl with the color I used to paint the opposite wall.