Saturday, November 10, 2007

Couture Skirt

I have hot feet as my mother says. Off the heals of last weekend’s vacation, I up and go to Boston. I’m on the Acela express right now holding on for dear life - this thing is FAST!

Before I left I took some quick picture of my couture finish wool tweed skirt. I was wondering if should post this on; probably not considering I mutilated this pattern beyond recognition. But in case you are wondering I used the Sew U skirt pattern I fitted a while back since the design had no frills. I wanted free range to redraft the pattern and cut I waistband that I created myself. I reduced the A Line to loose pencil. Although the skirt protected by the lining, the tweed is very loose tweed and I didn’t want to put it under any undue pressure or stretching while wearing. I relied on Claire Schaeffer’s Couture Sewing techniques for the following construction and design elements:

  • Fitting a skirt
  • Attaching a lining
  • Cutting and shaping a waistband
  • Attaching a waistband
  • Fell stitching a facing to a waistband
  • Abutting a waistband closure
  • Hand stitching…lots of it

I had several hiccups in this project:

  • My hook and eyes didn’t match and had no time to pick up new ones.
  • China Silk is a tricky fabric and the sole reason why I own a rotary cutter. Also, it doesn’t take steam very well. I turned the steam off and just used the heat to press. Also, since the silk is very slippery, it has two layers of interfacing on the waistband facing.
  • I gained a lil weight so it doesn’t sit as low as it did when I first started.
  • I tried cutting a shaped waistband, hated it and went for the straight band.
  • I have yet to see daylight in my apartment so I have to take yellow-toned flicks. I wished I lived with someone who could take pictures of me in my stuff lol.

All in all I love this skirt. It feels and looks soo good on. My shoddy photography isn't it doing justice. I promise will getting its fair share of wearing this winter. Then i will recruit my co-workers to take pictures of me, lol.


Erica B. said...

I think your skirt turned out great! I hate taking indoor pics, that's why I head outside as much as possible... natural light! LOL I would love to see it on you if you get a chance.

christina said...

This looks great! I like the colors. I actually enjoy handstitching, it's a touch you'll never get in RTW.

Faye Lewis said...

I love your skirt - so tweedy and ready for winter. Thanks for sharing the techniques you used.

Lovely said...

Yay! Go head with your bad self.. I am loving that skirt.. I will take mine in a size 10-12.. I'll send you my address! LOL