Monday, January 7, 2008

Signé Chanel - A Must See!

Signé Chanel is a rare in depth look into the inner workings of the legendary Parisian couture house of CHANEL. The series follows a Chanel's Haute Couture line from its inception to the runway show. The editing of is very clever, humours, and surprisingly down-to-earth.

I first became aware of this series by eavesdropping a conversation held by Parsons students while waiting in line for the Proenza Schouler for Target opening in SoHo (oh how I burned-up my AMEX that day). I’ve seen many mentions of the series that past couple of weeks so I thought it was time to sit down and watch it. IT IS SO GOOD! My eyes were welted with tears of joy the whole time. I even contemplated quitting my job and becoming a humble Chanel intern…(right)

I noted a few of my favorite highlights from the series and I included all 20 videos for your viewing ease :-) Get some popcorn you’re in for a treat!
  • Karl Lagerfeld is a Genius. When he sketches people move!
  • NO machines are used Haute Couture. Period.
  • No matter how well-constructed the garment is, if it's not "chic" it will not see the light of day.
  • According to Oprah...I don't know living in NYC is not normal.
  • The only thing that comes before CHANEL is hay.

Episode One - Anticipation

Episode Two - Doubts

Episode Three - Rituals

Episode 4 - Sleepless Nights

Episode Five - The Collection


Lovely said...

I agree this one had me scrambling to see each video from start to finish! When Madame P said the hay before Chanel comments I was dying laughing!!

Angie R. said...

I watched this weekend and have a whole new respect for KLag's skills but really the seamtresses ARE the House of Chanel! The hay/braid lady had me cracking up too!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have watched this on tv here (somewhere on this earth), approx 3 times. It is great that you were able to upload the series onto your blog. I was a click away from ordering the set of DVDs. Only KL is a frog and not a nice frog at that....I guess you have to be an 'ugly' frog to run an emporium. Without his skilled seamstresses, he would be nothing, just a sketch artist.

So that said,
there are many many sewing machines and sergers in the workrooms and there was even a woman working away at the machine in 2 of the videos. How could you have missed that.
What I was trying to find for you was a Bernina from the old 800 series which I saw on a counter in the tv series. Couldn't find it here or just didn't want to search anymore.

Sewing machines are used, I can imagine for delicate fabrics and beaded fabrics that a lot of hand stitching is done, but they couldn't do it all without the use of the machines.

For example, look at the 2rd video at 6.44minutes, thee is a woman sewing at a machine.
In the 3rd video at 2.20-2.26 there is also a machine in the bacground going and you can see the back of the woman working on an industrial machine. In video #4 at 0.39 (I think) there is a machine just at the door as you enter the room.
In the video where the black woman comes in to work and they are kissy kissing, there is a serger guide at 4.16minutes into the take.
Just a few sightings of the machines in the workroom. Couture simply means dressmaking and I guess any means is perfectly alright. I am just waiting for the day when KL goes bankrupct and that entire house of goodies lands on Ebay, then the world will be 'equal' once more...LOL....hear my happy dance?