Thursday, July 30, 2009

I shall call her...Semi Me!

I've had the pleasure of bringing home my very own custom dressform!!! While I did own one of the adjustable plastic forms but they aren't ideal for draping. I wanted something sturdy and anatomically correct to draft my patterns from(posts on draping class to come). While I was at it, I went and got one custom to my size!! Andy of Andy's Model forms made it. After working for a major dressform company for 30 years he went off and started his own business and his work is absolutely phenomenal! Many NYC designers order his custom hand crafted work and with good reason....the man is good! I'm still in awe with how much the thing resembles my shape and is anatomically correct with only my providing a few measurements. He even offered me the opportunity to check the form before it was finished, a courtesy I appreciate since I'm a novice.

I also ordered the form with two special features: A derier and collapsible shoulders. The former was a must for me know *blushes*. The latter was for the times you need to try something tight on the form without having to stretch it over the wide shoulder. They pop in and right out.

Here are the measurements I gave him:
  • Bust
  • Natural Waist
  • Hip (fullest part)
  • Front Waist Length (front base to natural waist)
  • Back Waist Length (front base to natural waist)
  • High Pin Shoulder (mid shoulder to bust apex)
  • Neck (around base of the neck)
  • Front Shoulder (front armpit to front armpit, dressforms don't have arms)
  • High Hip (Where your hip bone is. B/w waist and full of the hip)

I recommend Andy's work and you should definitely give him a shot if you are looking to get a professional dressform, be it custom or standard sizing. I shopped around and this level of quality at his price is a extreme bargain. Tell him his buddy Cindy sent you, he'll hook you up ;-)


Cennetta said...

Congratulations on the purchase of your custom dressform. I'll truly checkout the site. Look forward to reading about the things you've learned in the draping class.

Tee said...

Thanks for sharing, I'm going to look him up!

Meg said...

Ooh, I may have to consider this...

MsMica said...

I totally know how great it must have felt to bring it home.
I was able to refit an old dressform from work a few weeks ago. I had to pad it to fit my size, but still. It's head and shoulders (no pun intended) above the dial adjustables.

mimi jackson said...

One of my forms is from Andy's as well (full body, w/ legs), and she is fabulous! The main difference between my Andy's and my Royal, is that the Andy form is a lot more difficult to sink pins into. Still, the shape of the Andy's is much more like a "real" body. Another thing is how incredibly heavy Andy's support for the form is. That is a definite plus when you're working with it... a minus when you have to move it! Congrats. Have you named her yet?

MsMica said...

My form was liberated from my office during a mass sell-off. It's an old commercial Wolf form I named MaxiMe...;-)

c-ing said...

I'm impressed. A dress form with a real butt.

prashant said...

Thanks for sharing, I'm going to look him up!

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Anonymous said...

I didn't know dress forms came with collapsable shoulders. That is brilliant!

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