Saturday, October 20, 2007

Day In The Life of a Crafter - Friday October 18

My favorite Niche Blog-istas (my way of saying Specialty Blogging Woman) are some of the most interesting and talented women the real world has to offer. Everyday I check up on a few and they never cease to amaze me with their knitting, sewing , fashion savvy, or shopping prowess. I would love to know what a day in their shoes is like and see how they manage to find the time to pursue their passions. I did mine yesterday, chronicling all of the day's milestones in photo. Hopefully, you will do one too and let me know! :-)

Rise and Shine Cinderelly
This is the hardest part of my day. Getting up.
I sleep on the satin pillow cases I sewed and piped with brown satin. You can't see the in pic, but the under side has a lapped entrance for the jumbo pillows.
Getting Dressed
It takes me over a hour to get dressed. But truth be told,
I spend alot of time sleeping in between steps.
Great, I'm Late!
I always wait until the last minute to go and catch my train as seen by the blurry picture taken by my shaky hand while running.
Precious Craft Time
My 35 minute commute from Harlem to the Financial District is very precious to me. Since I'm on the first stop of the 3 train, I aways get a corner seat on the train. I am totally oblivious to the mayhem of the morning rush in my spot which make is prime time for doing some crafting or preparation. Today I'm re-reading the section on making a faced-waistband using couture techniques for my tweed skirt in progress. This is also the time I do the majority of my crocheting.
Here's My Stop
It's funny that today, the day I decide to chronicle my daily journey I fall asleep on the train and miss my stop! Luckily the uptown train came in 30 seconds and I was only set back 3 minutes. Here's my stop. They never changed the sign after the World Trade Center (WTC) came down. Right at the end of this hallway was the entrance to the bottom of one of the Twin Towers.

Ground Zero
Everyday I walk along the north side of the former site of the WTC. I say a prayer every morning for the families who lost their loved ones on 9/11. And makes me all the more gratefully that I have the opportunity to even sit here and write this blog and come home to craft.
World Financial Center
There's my building with the round top. 1 of the four buildings
in the WFC, all of which are still standing.
Over the Bridge
I'm currently on the Vesey Street Bridge. The walk way over the
West Side Highway that brings hundreds of pedestrians in fancy suites
Gucci bags and Prada shoes to work. Me...the only Wall St wardrobe
staple I have on me is a Longchamp signature tote. Good Morning Team
I picked up my croissant and smoothie and I'm at my desk 8:30am. I greet my team and get on calls. I am on this phone, trying to make things happen till the day is done.
Welcome to Metro-Post-It-lis
Just when you thought Cindy couldn't possibly craft at work! I recycle my Post-It notes into a mini skyscraper city on my desk. Every so often I'll think up a new shape to form and throw out another. Can't have too much on there, people will start to think I'm weird.

I'll spare you the details of the rest of my work day.

It's Quitin' Time
It's past 5:30pm and weekend has officially started and I'm off!!
Pause, Flick
You know you do it too. Every time you catch your reflection in
a window, you take a long glance and admire yourself in all your splendor.
It's perfectly fine...all women should.
On the A Train
I'm not going home just yet. I catch the A-Train to Chelsea
for some Friday night fun.
I am proud and empowered Lady of S. What is S?
Why don't you go see?
Girl Fridays
Today was a great fun at SFactor. Sheila Kelly, S Factor's trailblazing founder, came to the studio to watch us S! She's standing next to me. In center are my girls. At the end, is the incomparable Ro Cepeda. If you are ever in NYC and want to S, look her up.
Din Din
Girl Friday's ends in dinner at a local restaurant. The only
thing better than good food is good company.

Back Home!
After shoving down my fish and chips platter. I make my way home to the sounds of my I-Pod. I get home drop my bag, kick off my shoes get in my jammies and get-to-sewing!! Its passed midnight, but I'll get this invisible zipper fully basted and sewn tonight....Yawwn.

It's 1:30am. Just finished reading blogs and IMing some friends online.
The zipper is in and I'm out!


Adrienne said...

Loved this entry!!! I may have to do one of these one day. How do you like your Couture Sewing book? I've been looking at that one.

christina said...

OMG - S Factor! Are you teaching or taking classes or what? I did a one night pole class for a bachelorette party, I really would love to learn more, it's so much fun.

This "day in the life of" post is great! I like reading sewing books during my commute, too.

C. Dishmey said...

I love that book. I has thought me how to pay attention to details that makes a couture garment like handsewing, interfacing placement etc. Plus, Claudia gives a excellent history of Haute Couture. I definetly recommend it.

I've been S-ing for a year as a student ,aking me a "Level 6"! Ro is my instructor. I must say the best thing about SFactor is that its all about how you feel not how well you do a trick. You have a classroom of women of all walks of life cheering you on and you get a great work out. I'm hooked :-)

I hope you both can do a day-in-the-life. I'd love to see it!

tcusic said...

Your "Day In The Life" post is great. I felt like I was tagging along with you every step of the day. I want to get around to doing one soon. I commute to work from NW Indiana to Chicago (55 minute train ride) and I am able to do quite a bit of my knitting and crocheting, keeping my evenings free for sewing and other craft.

Adrienne said...

Thank you! I'm going to grab it!!!

Lashell said...

Now I am thinking about recording my day. I just have to clean my house first. lololololol