Sunday, October 21, 2007

Movie Muse

Yes, I was one of the very lucky people this weekend to see Why Did I Get Married? Such an awesome movie...I laughed, I cried, and loved every minute of it. Most importantly this was a "Run Home and GO Make That Outfit" movie. There were three garments that currently have me scouring the internet to find similar patterns.

Janet Jackson's Wrap Dress
What I love the most is the fabric color and cut of dress, very DVF. I'm sure I'll find a match in no time.
Tasha Smith's Suite Jacket
I couldn't find a front shot of the jacket (on the right) but it basically resembles this dress I saw on the old Sewing Divas blog. I thought it was a great concept but I wasn't into the gown. Now I see how to make it work appropriate. Check out the sleeves too.

Tasha Smith's Ruffled Shirt
I couldn't find a production photo of the actual blouse, but it looked something like this. The difference is the ruffles were fuller and continued into the collar. The fabric was a heavy woven wool with a black and white pattern.


Adrienne said...

You know that was a DVF dress! Vogue (I think) has a similar pattern, or it may be Kwik sew...I can't remember but they are on my list somewhere!! There was a LOT of hot fashions in this movie!!!

Anonymous said...

just found your blog,i'm looking forward to seeing your creations!Eithne

Lovely said...

Okay so I had to wait and see the movie before I could comment. WOW is all I have to say about the stylist for the movie. He or she is ON POINT!! Everyone looked great. My eyes were dancing with ideas! That grey ruffled blazer Tasha had on when they first got to the cabin with the red knee boots -- WHAT!!! I want some red boots now! LOL Okay I am done ranting.. I just had to fashion vent.. :)