Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Movie Muse PT II

Lo and behold Vogue Patterns has a the pattern I need to ah.....I'm meaning create inspired looks from Why did I get married?. What is even better, we are right in the middle of the Vogue 2 day sale. Most patterns are $6.99, including designer patterns!!! Thanks for tip Adrienne.

So here are my Movie Muse findings (drum roll, please):

The Wrap Dress
The one with the collar

Fan Jacket.
Using the technique from this post, I can add to the pattern for the flared effect.

Ruffled Blouse
Using the view of the white blouse, I'll make it as is then add the ruffle volume depending on the fabric weight.


Adrienne said...

I "JUST" bought that pattern (the wrap dress) Not one hour ago! LOL

Sheila said...

Totally feeling that suit.

gold said...

Those are some cute patterns!