Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cool New STUFF!!!

Truth be told...I like presents....no, I LOVE presents. Big or small, home made or purchased... I absolutely love receiving gifts. I have family (especially my sister) to thank for that....I was spoiled, so receiving gifts is definitely my love language. It's a big world and when someone takes the time to show little ole' me that they care, it means so much too me. o:-)

Now imagine my delight that during this month, my birth month, I received a bevy of wonderful gifts from even more wonderful people!!

Marsha from Textile Studio Patterns was gracious enough to donate gift certificates for the winners of the Pattern Review RTW Contest. I PROMPTLY reedeem my prize with a this handsome load of fabric. It just came in yesterday....aren't they GAW-JUS!!! I definitely recommend her taste in fabric!!!

All That Jazz Jersey Knit

Nicole Miller Ivory Eyelet

Nicole Miller Metallic Brown Novelty

Another White Shirting

I really wanted to share a picture of Mimi Jackson's PIF gift but my laptop is still getting serviced so I'll describe it. I was really touched by this gift because I realized Mimi has been "listening" to me via my blog posts and comments on her's. She included a copy of this painting her sister made years ago that I adored, some kinds word in response to this post, and a lovely card with a picture of dress sewn with a map of Manhattan (I ♥ NY!!). I blog because I love the camaraderie between me and my sewing friends I have yet to meet and this gift reassured me. THANKS MIMI J!!!

Mimi Goodwin...who must have had her eldest daughter when she was 4... raffled a gift certificate to help her pick the logo of her upcoming clothing line (I can't wait!). THANKS MIMI G!!! A girl could NEVER have too much fabric ;-) I ordered this lovely stretch woven - perfect for work!!
Ease on Down the Road Stretch - Ecru

Dawn from the Secret Pocket gave me a great gift...she put me on to the vintage DRTIZ bound buttonhole maker. Once she posted the tutorial on how to use it...I HAD to have one....(..I think I'm becoming a notion-aholic!) Luckily there happened to be one on Ebay at the same time! I stalked that little puppy for the last 3 minutes of the auction until it was all mine. It came with the instruction sheet (let me know if you need a copy if it) and assorted notions from the 50's. Thanks for sharing Dawn!!

While on the hunt for a dress for my party I *accidentally* found myself in the garment district and inside of Sil Thread....my favorite place to shop for notions. They carry a large inventory of Clover products which I actually favor over Dritz because Clover tends to focus on modernizing classic notions by making them even easier to use...and cuter :-) Case in point. They are, however, slightly pricer that Dritz, but worth it in my eyes because they offer quality products.

I picked up 3 Chalk powder dispensing pens. Classic white, blue and for kicks-pink! If you still use tailors chalk, or a chalk pencil PLEASE do yourself the favor and get a powder dispenser! Why you ask? For one, solid chalk will force your draaaggg your fabric while your marking which affect the fabric position and grain line for loose wovens. Not to mention you may have drag your chalk over and over to get a decent mark. The dispenser lays trail of chalk power on to the fabric via the pinwheel at the tip. The Clover pen is tapered that top so that you can mark with pen like accuracy. Neat, no?
I also picked up a double tracing wheel since I am now a BWOF convert. Here are Cidell's thoughts on tracing BWOF patterns.

I got a Clover 1/2" Bias tape maker (they also have 1/4", 3/4", 1", and 2") because I can never find bias tape in the right colors. I haven't used it yet but it has great review on JoAnn's website. Also a Clover buttonhole cutter made its way in my cart, because it only takes ONE time for me to accidentally snip into my freshly sewn buttonhole for me realize I need one. I just need to figure out what goes below the buttonhole when using the cutter.....thoughts?

Lastly I picked up this Combicut tweezer - seam ripper combo. Slide left to rip seams - slide right to tweeze hard to reach stragglers. Now I don't need to run to by cosmetic drawer!

It's been about a year and 1/2 since I started S-Factor and every minute has it been amazing. Not only has it helped me maintain my girlish figure but I have a great time with my fellow S-girls. Now thanks to my Honnie, I can get my S on at home!!! (Yes...its a pole, lol)

Till next time..Smooches!!


Erica B. said...

What great fabric! I love that eyelet! Look at all of the cool gadgets! That would make me feel like a kid at Christmas.

Adrienne said...

You got some beautiful fabrics and great new toys!!!

cidell said...

I had one of those Clover pens and returned it! What was I thinking? I thought my chalk was just fine. Also, must look in to that seam ripper / tweezer combo!

christina said...

Oooh, great toys! I'm jealous. And the pole - wow!

Cas... said...

Great material and notions! But I think the pole is my fabric! LOL! I must check out that site.

Great post!

Sheila said...

Fabulous fabric and staring at your gadgets with emerald eyes..lol. I just purchased the Clover bias maker and was playing around with... luuuuv it.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

First - combicuts are still around? I loved that tweezer, seam ripper combination but haven't seen one in ages! Now I'm gonna have to make a trip to the garment district to pick up a few!

Second - my cutter came with a little mat when I bought it from Nancy's Notions alongwith an awl to make holes.

Third - did you use the coupon to Atlanta Thread yet? It expires tomorrow!!!!!

Finally - saving the best for last! The fabric is TDF! I love Marsha's goodies having added several pieces for spring to my own collection recently. I am sure that you will make inspired garments with these new pieces!

Lesalicious said...

Oh wow you all set and ready to get designing love the fabrics.

Berry said...

Oh I love all these goodies! You're damn right to treat you girl. Now I can't wait to see what you'll create!

Kelroc said...

Love the fabrics and the new gadgets. The clover double tracing wheel is cool. I have a double tracing wheel from burda that I purchase when I brought my first burda pattern in the early '90s.

Lashell said...

What a great haul. I need to check out Sil's Thread. I wish had room in my house for a pole. lolololol

gold said...

Wow you received some great gifts!!

Brown English Muffin said...

Did you make anything yet? I am so anxious to see what you make with those materials!

Nancy K said...

Great fabrics. a deserved win. Terrific dress.
I had tried to get a buttonhole maker back when I first saw Secret Pockets post. Then I forgot about it until this evening and saw yours. Well, I now am the proud owner of a bound buttonhole maker. If it doesn't have instructions I will be asking for a copy.

Anonymous said...

the buttonhole cutter i have came with a flat piece of wood in the shape of an apple. i bet any flat piece of wood from the craft section of a michael's or joann's would do.

Multifuncional said...

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Nneka said...

Ooo! That's quite a haul of goodies. My buttonhole cutter came with a little wooden block (shaped like an apple for some unknown reason), but I got mine many eons ago. I've seen the new ones come with a little mat like for a rotary cutter. You might want to get one of those small cutting mats from the quilters' notions section, or maybe one of those tiny bar-size cutting boards, or just a scrap of hardwood from your local lumber yard/hardware store.

1mrchristopher said...

By chance have you scanned the instruction sheet for the bound buttonhole maker? I have one, but no idea how to use it. 1mrchristopher@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

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