Thursday, May 8, 2008

I'm it!

By way of the wonderful and far reaching internet kayellejaye tagged lil ole me.
Choosing 6 "unspectacular" things about me won't be hard ta' hear it? Here it go..

1. My biggest pet peeve is hearing people mispronounce words or get the words wrong to a song I know..ESPECIALLY if it's a song I drives me half crazy. However...I do it ALL the time!

2. I collect stuff...rather...I'm a connesiuer of treasured items my Snoopy figurine coin collection...and my 15 year old Power Ranger collection....I can't believe I just shared that.

3. I have a closet full of very nice clothes but I wear the same slacks and tops to work everyday.

4. After 9-11 I developed a slight fear of flying. Ever since, when I fly I MUST have a window seat where I can keep my eye on the wing. I think my mind is confusing 9-11 with that William Shatner episode of Twilight Zone .....

5. I secretly dream about playing Velma Kelly in Chicago on Broadway. How many people do you know can sing all the words to All That Jazz (Fosse hands included)??

6. And for the grand finale of all things unspectacular about Cindy....I only buy/use sponges and soap that match the decor of my kitchen and bathroom.

These very talented and unsuspecting people are now it!

Paco Peralta

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Paula said...

That William Shatner episode ties with the Talking Tina episode as my all time favorites. William Shatner over-acts better than just about anyone else.

kayellejaye said...

I'm the Grammar & Spelling Police (except when I blog). My friends can't stand it. I correct ppl ALL THE TIME.

I HAVE to have the window seat. I'm like a little kid the way I stare out that window. I get so fascinated. And I try not to obsess about the wing, but it's so hard.

Sheila said...

I'm known for singing using the wrong words... but you can't tell me I'm not Jennifer

paco peralta said...

Cindy .- joy that your way through my blog and also the pleasant surprise that you're's sister Donna. I love your work and your blogs. A big hug from Spain and see you soon. Paco

gold said...

Well you don't want to be around me when I sing.I can mess a song up because I don't know the words!!Ha Ha!!

Anonymous said...

Cindy. You still have that power ranger collection?? I can't believe u shared that either, LOL.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.